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When will I receive my tax documents? Should I file for an extension?

Sponsors upload K-1 packages to the CrowdStreet portal on a rolling basis as they are completed. CrowdStreet has worked with sponsors to underscore the importance of timely Schedule K-1 deliveries by March 15th and asks sponsors to communicate the critical point if the K-1 delivery is expected to be delayed as this guides the investor on their decision to file an extension for their individual tax returns.

Sponsors are to communicate through the “Next Tax Document Delivery Date” function of the portal visible in your Investor Room if they are expecting delayed K-1s and CrowdStreet will assist sponsors with this process.

If you know that one or more of the sponsors you are invested with will be issuing K-1s on a delayed schedule, you may consider filing an extension. Investors should continue to follow updates from sponsors regarding K-1 delivery and timing to determine if filing an extension is necessary.

Generally speaking, the IRS deadline for issuance of K-1s on extension is September 15. The IRS instructs taxpayers who have not received a timely K-1 to file Form 8082 (https://www.irs.gov/instructions/i8082). We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor to determine how you should handle your tax filings. CrowdStreet is not a tax advisor and cannot give tax advice. Please consult with a tax professional on your particular situation.

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