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Transferring ownership of an investment

Can I transfer my investment to another investor or entity?

There are several reasons why you might want to transfer your investment to another investor. These reasons can include:

  • Divorce
  • Gift
  • Poor Investment Performance

Whatever the reason, the answer is: possibly, but not through the CrowdStreet Marketplace. CrowdStreet is a direct-to-investor marketplace and not an asset sponsor, unless you have invested in a CrowdStreet Fund. Additionally, due to securities law, we cannot facilitate the sale or transfer of one investor’s position to another. 

Therefore, requesting a transfer of ownership for your investment will require the sponsor to get involved. Even then, the sponsor might not allow you to transfer your investment. It will depend on the investment and the sponsor.

Additionally, the person or entity you would like to transfer your investment to must be an accredited investor. There are also fees associated with the sponsor's counsel drafting the transfer agreement.


Below are the steps to take to attempt to transfer your investment.

  1. Reach out to the sponsor and CrowdStreet via the 'Ask A Question' box in your Investor Room to determine if a transfer is possible, what their requirements are, and if paperwork is needed to update. Please note that a transfer might not be possible.
  2. If transferring your investment is possible, based on the sponsor’s response, take whatever actions are needed to meet the transfer requirements. This could be documentation, etc. 
  3. Create a new Investing Account that you would like to transfer ownership to.
    1. For information on how to create or update an Investing Entity, please refer to the article:
      How to create or update an Investing Account.
  4. Once paperwork is updated to reflect the new Investing Account, please reply to the email thread started with ‘Ask a Question’ or send a new email to help@crowdstreet.com. CrowdStreet Customer Relations can update the CrowdStreet portal on your behalf. 

What happens to my investment when I pass away?

When an investor passes away, those that are managing the estate will generally need to provide the asset sponsor and/or CrowdStreet proof of death so that arrangements can be made to update the legal ownership for the position. Please reach out to CrowdStreet Investor Relations should you need more information: help@crowdstreet.com.