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Offering Performance Tracking

The CrowdStreet team keeps an eye on our fully funded offerings that have transitioned to the post-investment stage, evaluating and delving deeper into specific individual deals on an as-needed basis. This analysis could be triggered by:

  • Severe underperformance of a deal, meaning the investment is considered “at-risk”
  • A lack of sponsor transparency or failure to comply with our investor reporting requirements
  • A realization event—including a sale or refinance—that impacts our overall Marketplace Performance track record
  • Any other issues or misunderstandings between a sponsor and the investors

Intervening On Deals: What CrowdStreet Can and Cannot Do

We strive to only work with best-in-class sponsors and bring institutional-quality investments to the Marketplace, but it is important to understand that our involvement is limited in the post-investment stage. CrowdStreet offers investors the ability to invest directly into real estate projects, meaning your capital goes directly to the sponsor behind the project. However, it also means that we have limited powers when it comes to intervening and resolving issues when they arise. 

Like all investments, commercial real estate investing has inherent risk. Please take note that:

  • We are not a party to the agreement made between investors and sponsors 
  • We don’t have decision-making powers regarding the execution of the business plan
  • We don’t have the power or ability to directly impact or influence the operations and financial performance of a project