How to add a second signatory to your Investing Account

It is often required to have two people sign closing documents when the investment is made through an Investing Account with common ownership by two people. Investors can have two signatories on their Investing Account if required, where both can e-sign in DocuSign. 

Adding a second signatory

  • Select the account you would like to add a second signatory to.
    • If you would like to create a new Investing Account, please refer to the following article: How to create or update an Investing Account.
    • Ensure that the Name of the Investing Account accurately reflects how it should be written on your future K-1 tax documents (e.g. in the case of a joint Investing Account, it should include the names of both partners). 
  • Click on ‘Account Members’ and then ‘+ Add new member.’
  • Choose if they are an investor member or supporting member.
  • Enter the Name and Email into their respective fields.
  • Ensure that they are set up to be a signatory.


  • Click ‘Send Invite.’ This will send an email to the designated second signatory. They will then be prompted to fill out their CrowdStreet profile.
    • Under ‘Investing Accounts,’ they will find this account.


If your particular circumstances require more than two signatories, please contact us directly by emailing