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How does CrowdStreet earn revenue?

CrowdStreet earns revenue in a few different ways. 

CrowdStreet sells its software as a subscription to sponsors to reduce their administrative burden (costs) and increase effectiveness in managing multiple deals and even more investors.

CrowdStreet also charges a fee to sponsors to raise money via the CrowdStreet platform. There’s always a “cost of capital” for sponsors, and we’ve made this a very competitive option by leveraging technology to raise money quickly, reliably, and cost effectively. Commonly, we’re replacing what used to be the function of commission-based sales people tasked with raising money.

These two methods don’t have direct fees charged to investors by CrowdStreet. However, given investing in real estate with investors is a sponsor’s primary revenue-generating activity, these fees ultimately are built into a deal.

For investors who happen to choose an option that enlists extra help from CrowdStreet Advisors, CrowdStreet Advisors charges them a fee.