Documents and Funding stages


Documents Stage

Once you have completed the investing account for your offer, you will move on to the documents stage. 

Documents will not be made available until offers are preapproved. Timing for offer preapproval will be communicated during the webinar, but typically takes place at 5 PM PST on the day of the webinar. Once pre-approved, the Documents button will light up in the timeline of the transaction center. 

Not actual information. A representation of a fictional investor's offering.

You can sign documents in one of two ways:

  • Electronically through DocuSign
  • Printing, physically signing, and then uploading the signed documents
    • Please note: If you are investing with an SD-IRA, you will need to print the documents, physically sign them, and then upload.

To complete documents electronically, please select “E-sign” and then click on the E-SIGN button to launch DocuSign.  

Once all of the required fields are completed in DocuSign, you will see a ‘Finish’ button on the top right; click ‘Finish’ to submit your documents. You will then be brought back to CrowdStreet.

  • Please note: for Investing Accounts with additional signatories, the additional signatory needs to log into their account to execute closing documents.

Completed copies of your documents will be displayed under “Completed Documents” for your review.

Not actual information. A representation of a fictional investor's offering.

Once documents are signed, CrowdStreet Investor Relations will review based on the date and time your documents were submitted. Document submission date and time will be used to decide when, or if, your offer will be authorized to fund. If problems with documents are identified, or your offer cannot be accepted due to oversubscription, CrowdStreet Investor Relations will contact you with further information or instructions.

Funding Stage

When an offer is authorized to fund, the “Get Started” button will light up on the tracker, allowing you to proceed. 

  • Note: if an offering is oversubscribed, we ask that you fund within 3 business days.

You will generally be provided with multiple funding options. You need to follow two steps to fund your investment.

  1. Select your preferred funding method to display the instructions to remit funds. 
  2. Once funds have been sent, please select the funding method and click the ‘Confirm Funds Sent’ button in the lower right corner. 

CrowdStreet does not ‘pull’ funds - investors need to send funds directly from their financial institution. 

For each funding method, it is recommended that you enter a tracking number to expedite funds tracking.

If you decide to remit funds via a different method than you originally indicated, please update the funding method and reconfirm funds have been sent. This will help the sponsor account for your funds when they are received. 

Once you have confirmed your funds have been sent, there is nothing more for you to do. Following your confirmation of funds being sent, the sponsor will confirm receipt, countersign your closing documents, and finalize your investment. Note that sponsors work to confirm funds received as quickly as possible but it can take 2-5 business days for the sponsor to confirm that funds have been received. 

Once finalized, you will be able to view your investment position in your Portfolio.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Investor Relations team at