Can non-accredited investors invest on CrowdStreet?


At this time, non accredited investors are unable to invest in Offerings on the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

Projects featured on the CrowdStreet marketplace are done so, in most cases, pursuant to SEC Reg. D 506(c), which allows for general solicitation but restricted to accredited investors. You can learn more about SEC Regulation D on the SEC's website:

We do, however, anticipate the opportunity to bring offerings to the CrowdStreet Marketplace that are eligible for non-accredited investors, some of which may utilize SEC Regulation A+. The timing of such offerings is beyond our control, but we hope to offer non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest on the CrowdStreet Marketplace in the coming months.



Since 2014 when the CrowdStreet Marketplace launched, we have posted two investment offerings open to non accredited investors.