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Can international, foreign or non-US citizens invest on CrowdStreet?

Yes! Occasionally there are offerings on CrowdStreet that are already equipped to accept international investors. More often, however, you would need to create an investing entity that is suitable to invest in US real property. A few options for this strategy are outlined below. Note, the stated minimum investment may vary on a deal by deal basis.

  1. The easiest and most straightforward solution for foreign investors to invest in any US enterprise (CRE included) is to form a Delaware entity and fund it through an international bank. Once the money is on shore you can freely invest inside the US. You will need good international tax counsel to guide you through coordinating US and International tax filings.
  2. You can also pursue this strategy through a Caymans or BVI entity. There are plenty of law firms that specialize in setting up these types of entities.
  3. Outside of these two strategies, while it is possible to fund money directly into a US real estate operator's project, doing so requires them, as your fiduciary, to withhold taxes and complete annual filings with the IRS (to ensure they get their piece should you ever choose to move the money back off shore). These requirements translate into most US sponsors to elect not to accept international investors, or only accept them if they invest a substantial sum ($500K+). Creating your own US, BVI or Cayman entity moves the reporting requirements from the sponsor to you, which is why that format is far more feasible.