Can I invest with my self directed IRA account?

Yes! Provided there is sufficient time before the closing, almost all sponsors with projects on the CrowdStreet marketplace are equipped to accept investments from a self directed IRA account. The process, outlined below, is straightforward but may take up to 10 business days for the custodian to fully process and remit funds. For this reason, sponsors who have a expedited closing date may be unable to accept IRA investments. Therefore, it's best to check with the CrowdStreet IR team in advance.

The normal steps for completing an investment through CrowdStreet with a self directed IRA are as follows:

1. Submit an offer to invest by clicking the "Invest Now" button on the detail page

2. On the Offer Submission Page:

    (a) Indicate the $ amount you would like to invest

    (b) Indicate that you are investing with a self-directed IRA

    (c) "Create an investing entity" - input the full name of your investing entity

3. Provide your custodian with the offering documents (e.g. the PPM, Operating Agreement and Subscription Agreement) to get approval

4. E-sign docs via DocuSign in the CrowdStreet transaction center (the sponsor may need to counter sign these before returning to the custodian for final acknowledgement)

5. Complete the accredited investor verification process in the CrowdStreet Transaction Center 

6. Receive approval from CrowdStreet and the sponsor that your docs & verification have been approved

7. Custodian remits funds